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It has no doubt been a difficult year for everyone involved in music. There are many that called it quits and just gave up on their dreams. Then there are others that used the chaos to push themselves even further and really lean into their art. Dina Layzis is one of those people. She dove in and emerged with a classic song entitled “Make It Rain” to share with the world.

We had a chance to chat with the talented singer to get a little deeper into her experience and the new single. Enjoy the interview:

First off, what is it that draws you to create music?

What draws me to create music is to be able to be part of its continued existence in the world. It has given and taught me so much, that I want to play my part in creating something special that could inspire others. I always seek out magical things and have a profound desire to create them as well. It is also just my way of being and communicating with the world, it genuinely makes me feel alive.

How would you describe the Dina Layzis sound?

I try to create material and record vocals that makes people feel. So I infuse my sound with color, emotion in the smallest of nuances, warmth, gentleness at times and power at others. I try to convey my inner world to the listener with each note, word and breath in hopes that that sincerity will open doorways to their own, hearts, minds and imaginations.

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

I grew up listening to many artists and studying and singing many different styles, but a big part of my life and something that still continues to inspire me has always been and will remain classical music. I believe it to be a vital cornerstone of music, art and culture. Not only did it help me be able to “think and create musically” but also allowed me to be exposed to music from many different languages and cultures. So from a young age I was greatly influence by all the great classical composers and artists such as Maria Callas, Lucia Popp and Cecilia Bartoli (to name a few). When I gravitated towards ballads – I listened to all the great Divas of our present and past including Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand, Linda Eder (who I am fortunate enough to call a mentor) and Lara Fabian (again just to name a few).

It has been quite an interesting year. What drove you to continue making music?

Yes, it has been quite the year for everyone.  I think this year drove people to really re-evaluate what they are doing, IF they want to continue and if yes, HOW? For me there never was the question of “if” – so immediately my mind went to “how?” I think in times of crisis, uncertainty or chaos it is vital for artists, poets, musicians, and all creatives to continue their craft. Oftentimes it becomes the uniting heartbeat of humanity. It connects people to each other and connects people to themselves. It is always my drive to play a part in that, even more-so during this year.

Your new single “Make It Rain” was just released. What can you tell us about the song?

“Make it Rain” began the collaboration between a brilliant composer/pianist Jeff Franzel and I. It marked the fusion of two styles and commenced a creative transition in my life. We started writing the song a couple of years ago but it needed a few more elements missing to come full circle. We found those elements after we brought a talented producer/composer Yuri Zwadiuk and a wonderful mastering engineer Evgeniy Kochubey (Gean Koach) on board. Yuri’s magic breathed new life into production and Evgeniy’s careful attention to detail allowed everything to shine.

At the time we wrote the song, I was dealing with a good deal of mixed emotions and a difficult situation. I felt overwhelmed and almost buried under its weight. I was aware I had to discover a healthy and elegant way to move forward. So, need of the moment became the direction of the song. Word by word, the message became clear, it grew into a song about facing pain and hardship straight on, letting yourself experience it all and knowing that embracing that experience would lead to the way out.

What are you trying to share with the listeners through this song?

I would like listeners to look inward when listening to this song. Oftentimes, we are scared to experience pain. Even though we desire to get through difficult situations, we avoid letting ourselves FULLY get in touch with our feelings and taking the time to process the emotions affecting us deep down. With this song – my hopes are to remind people to be brave enough to allow themselves to feel when they are scared, to cry when it hurts, and believe in their own strength enough to know it will guide you through any storm they may face!

Give some advice to other singers that are looking for their breakthrough.

Stop looking and start doing. As soon as we begin taking steps and set things in motion different roads and doors begin to open before us. Some won’t open, some will close unexpectedly but then we course correct and continue. You have to put in the work – first on yourself, your skills and your music and then seeing your success as an inevitable outcome towards which you WILL find a path.

How does the future look for Dina Layzis?

The future will hold amazing things! I will be releasing multiple singles and an EP over the course of this year. We will also be shooting 2 music videos in the next couple of months for upcoming releases. Lots brewing! Can’t wait to share it all!

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