IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… Rasha Jay

One of the best parts of being an independent artist is the freedom to shape your career in any way you see fit. No one can force you to conform or put your music in line with the mainstream. We recently came across Rasha Jay who is creating waves with soulful alt-rock sound, is catching the attention of the music industry.

We caught up with her to dig a little deeper. Enjoy the interview below:

What first drew you to creating music?

I was first drawn to creating music because I was always singing! Singing whatever I heard, and I wrote my first song at age 9 called “Turn Around”.

How would you describe the Rasha Jay sound?

Good question, I would describe it alternative with soul. My songs can sound bold, some angst, and smooth at times. Let’s call it a dormant volcano

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

My biggest influences come from far and wide. I adore the freedom of Prince, the power of Blues singers like Big Mama Thornton, the energy of alternative and rock artists like Arctic Monkeys and Foo Fighters, and first-my Grandma B and my Mom, who were the first voices I heard at home, and realized quickly that I had that same love for singing. 

There seems to be a lot of emotion in your voice. How do you share this with the listener?

The emotion in my voice for this new song, well, I don’t have to work too hard because I knew what I wanted this song to do, and it starts from the ground up. And then back to the ground. 

What is your songwriting process? How does a track come together for Rasha Jay?

The songwriting process for me starts with the melody I hear, or a word, a phrase. I can hear the music I want on the track, and sometimes I lay down some stuff on my keyboard. Sometimes I go to my little studio in my place and lay down the structure. But most songs are just me singing into my phone to start. 

Tell us about your latest song “Red Coat”?

My new song “Red Coat” is about not wanting both feet in a relationship, to wrap yourself up to hide the blood flow/the love for someone. It’s a call to state things as they are. I had the words and the guitar riff and the mood. I met up with my producer, Katmaz, and sang it to him, and we worked to keep the edge, and rawness of the song. He’s a wonderful producer to share ideas with,

What advice would you give to other artists trying to create their own lane in the music industry?

My advice for those who have a sound that isn’t dominant in today’s music, or super popular, is to stay at it! Don’t ever conform or change, stay at what moves you the most. I will be doing the same.

How does the next year look for Rasha Jay?

Performing live a lot this year, and releasing the next single, and then the EP. Very excited to share more music.
Keep up with Rasha and hear more of her music HERE.

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