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S.O.S Collective Moving with a ‘1/Million’ Mission

There is nothing better than a movement forming around music. When people can come together for one common goal the world becomes a better place. We recently discovered S.O.S. Entertainment out of Philadelphia that seems to have a mission to impact culture in a positive way. 

Something started gaining momentum and S.O.S. started building quickly. The collective is made up of 4 artists and a dance team along with a director, manager, content curator, promotions manager, and content critic. Together their slogan is “It’s more than the music” all relating back to their primary goal; to touch people on more than just that. 

The first single release is “1/Million” by the group’s founder Jerrelle. It is a powerful yet sweet Trap/R&B sound that moves with a purpose. The beat crawls along with an almost sultry vibe as Jerrelle pours out emotional lyrics in his own unique style. The song kind of wiggles it’s way deep into your subconscious letting the sounds and words touch your mind like music with a purpose should.

We had a chance to catch up with Jerrelle to get a deeper look into S.O.S. Entertainment and “1/Million”. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, tell us about the name S.O.S. Entertainment?

The name S.O.S. stands for Save Our Souls. It serves as a commentary on where we as a community exist in different spaces and the call for some type of rescue no matter what they need rescuing from. The name really serves as a signal to those who feel lost, needing something to turn to for guidance and most of all hope. Our team uses music as a soundtrack to life to help navigate it at its low and high points.

What is it that drew the collective together?

I would say the mission is what drew everyone together. We’re united through the cause. As a family, our mission is to create an environment that utilizes our talent and capabilities to foster creative development alongside the support of the S.O.S collective. Even more over we have ways we want to come together to help heal the community at large through our efforts altogether.

How would you describe the vibe of the music and show of S.O.S.?

The vibe of the music I would say is very inclusive and relatable. From the conversations you hear us have to the lyrics/sounds we create I don’t think there’s anything that can’t be interpreted in a way that’s relatable. Imagine a road that’s ever expansive allowing space for anyone to tag along on a journey. That’s S.O.S. musically, creatively, and in business.

Which artists have had the biggest influence on the collective?

I would say groups such as the Wu Tang Clan, Young Money, Asap Mob, Black Hippy, and Dreamville all collectively impacted how we interact with each other and how we go about all making music that’s different separately but still fits together well when brought into the same sphere.

What do you hope people will take away from your music?

I hope people learn at a minimum to love what you do and do what you love. Never settle. Often times people exist their whole lives and only live in small portions. I don’t think it’s healthy for anyone to have to live like that and everyone is worth more than that. Live with a purpose and for a reason. Find yourself in what you do and love yourself for how you do it.

Tell us all about how the first official single “1/Million”?

So “1/Million” is a song about love and throughout it with the hook and the video it really talks about the love of a significant other, in my case various women, and how the love isn’t as real as you may think. In my case I think it can even be looked at from a broader scope for the impact life can have on you. At times you think life is really good to you but a lot of times the reality is there’s much more to it than you think. The goal of the song is to point out how in modern day society the aspect of love has become so overused that it no longer even gives the feeling of being 1 in a million.

What does the future hold for S.O.S. Entertainment?

S.O.S. has a ton of music, videos choreographies through our dance team, podcasts, and maybe even a few performances to look forward too. My fellow artist Yoyo Ćhanel just recently dropped her song Huffy on all platforms, Mane Odii will be dropping his single “Dank” April 17th on all platforms, Kash Dave has some things you won’t want to miss very soon, our dance team has some videos they’ll be getting out throughout May, and we have a slew of videos along with podcasts that you have to look forward to. Be on the lookout for all the new things that we have on the horizon. There’s definitely a beautiful view in sight.

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