IBG Interview – 7 Questions With… Spin Gurus DJ Academy

Spin Gurus was founded by Super Dang in 2005, making it India’s first professional DJ & Music Production Academy. During all these years, Spin Gurus has taught hundreds of students from more than 20 countries how to DJ and produce music. Today Spin Gurus retain the number one position for having the highest number of working graduates in Indian DJ industry.

Recently we caught up with founder, Super Dang to get the inside story of Spin Gurus


Give us a little background about you and your passion for DJing?

I learned to play keyboard in my school and soon after I was picked up by the school band, we used to play in the morning assembly session in the school. Appreciation from the band mates, my music teacher, and other students boosted my confidence and strengthened my passion for music.

DJing was not so popular at that time. In fact, you could count the total number of DJs in Delhi on your fingertips. But my growing passion for music made me want to learn the techniques involved. Since there was no professional DJ academy it was quite hard for me to learn the art of DJing. Then, as luck would have it a friend of mine who used to own a music shop purchased a DJ Console and thereafter started my DJing journey. There were quite a few hits and misses but finally I learned the art of beat matching.


It has been quite a success story for Spin Gurus since it’s start in 2005. What made you decide to begin this journey?

While travelling pan India for my gigs in the late 90s, I started getting lots of queries from students who wanted to learn DJing. Since there was no professional academy for the same in India, I was stuck by this idea of starting one, where others like me, with a passion for the music, could get a start as also a platform to develop their skills, an organized, professional DJing academy, and that is how Spin Gurus was born. Thankfully the idea was an instant hit! After launching Spin Gurus in 2005, students from across India started pouring in.


How has being based in Delhi, India helped, or hurt, your growth?

It definitely helped in our growth. Delhi is a capital city of India and as such has a well-developed infrastructure, it is also a huge melting pot of cultures, and therefore students from all over India, rather the world are totally at home here. The city also has a developed art, music and clubbing scene, granting the students a much wider horizon. 


What is the current Music Production scene like in India?

Current music production scene in India is on an upswing. A lot of DJs are now becoming producers. Playing music produced and recorded by other artist is fine, but now they have realized that they can make music that others will play too. Even the promoters also have a greater interest in booking artist who have produced their own music. It makes more commercial sense to them to advertise that they’ve got the artist who made the “X” tune, performing at their venues. That’s why DJs who produce music are more likely to get bookings worldwide, so I must say that there is a definitely a renewed interest in music production in India.


What sets Spin Gurus out from other DJ schools in India?

We are equipped with Top Shelf industry-standard hardware and software.

The quality and experience of our Award-winning instructors are unmatchable.

We have the highest number of working graduates in Indian DJ industry.

We provide hostel facility with in-house dining facilities

Our strong connections in the industry ensure our students get the best possible start

Limited batch size of maximum 2 students in a batch

Flexibility in organizing classes, the student has the option of attending classes seven days a week or on alternative days or weekends only as per their convenience, allowing them to better manage their time.


Tell us about some of the success stories of students of the school?

Some of our more popular students are – Mr. VGrooves, NDS, DJ Nitish Gulyani, Elenkay, Jassi X, Sick & Sane, VDJ Kamya, Beat Slayer and quite a few more too.


How can our readers get in touch with you?

That’s easy! Call us on +91 9968422228 or visit to get in touch with us, the website also allows one to get detailed information about the courses offered by Spin Gurus.

The DJ music scene continues its rapid growth. Check out the offerings of Spin Gurus.



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