IBG Interview Series – 8 Questions With Strange Theories

We love discovering hot bands in their own locale before they branch out and explode onto the national scene. Lafayette, Louisiana isn’t known for their indie rock bands as much as their zydeco. Our recent find Strange Theories is about to change that. We had a chance to chat with the four-piece before their debut record hits and they start on some regional tours. Enjoy the interview here:

So what prompted the name Strange Theories?

An online name generator actually spewed it out, and we had decided on choosing it soon after.  We found that it suited our personalities because most of our conversations consist of “interesting” topics that would be very confusing to join in mid-discussion.

There is a lot going on in your music. How would you describe the Strange Theories sound?

We have a slew of influences, but indie rock and pop music are the most present in our music.  We try to incorporate a variety of genres within each of our songs to appeal to more people and display our versatility.  Our sound is constantly evolving as we produce new content and hopefully will never cease that evolution.

How did the band come together?

Most of us met through a local music school and decided to put our work to good use, and we met Stephan through a fellow musician.  He had never picked up a bass before he joined the band, but was willing to drop the guitar to drop the groove. 

How has the Louisiana scene accepted your music?

Although the Louisiana scene is dominated by zydeco, country, and blues, our music has definitely found its place among our city.  With Gabe’s appearance on The Voice, our music reached a wider audience and created more buzz around Lafayette.  We used that to gain more fans and acquire new listeners who otherwise never would have heard of us.

Rumor is that Strange Theories has a big debut coming out this year. Tell us more about it.

We don’t want to ruin any surprises yet, but expect some new tracks from your new favorite band by the end of the year!

What advice would you give to other bands on the rise?

Never stop promoting what you love and look for unconventional ways to spread your influence.  Keep your eye out for any social trends that could be taken advantage of to get your music out to more people, and any new platforms to get your sound on.

What is on the horizon for Strange Theories?

New music, touring, and going to cities we’ve never been to before.  

One last thing, What is with the chicken?

We like to keep that a mystery 😉

Keep up with more from STRANGE THEORIES, and that darn chicken on their WEBSITE.

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