IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… VATTICA

Although music has been splintering in so many different directions over the years, real ROCK music is still alive and well. Our new friends from LA Alt-rock band VATTICA are keeping the flame burning bright. We caught up with them to see their thoughts on the state of the scene and hear about their new song ‘Criminal’. 


First off, where did the name VATTICA come from?

Prentice: We toyed around with coming up with a made up name that was easy to say. We were looking through the dictionary and came across “Attica”. We started putting letters in front and “VATTICA” visually and sonically fit.

Alexander: Yeah, it’s a made-up word, comprised of syllables we like plus a nod to one of our favorite films, Gattaca. Available now on Amazon Prime! (laughs)

How would you describe the band’s sound?

Alexander: Dynamic, loud, infectious.

Prentice: A mix of Muse, Green Day and 30STM.

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

Alexander: Green Day, Our Lady Peace, Linkin Park, Eve6, The Beatles, B.B. King, Johnny Cash, Prince, NIN

Prentice: For the band, Our Lady Peace.


Los Angeles has always been a hot spot for great rock music. How would you describe the scene there today?

Prentice: There’s a lot of rock here, but you need to find the area that fits your brand of rock. Sunset blvd is a world away from Silverlake in regards to rock music.

How does a song come together for VATTICA? What is your songwriting process?

Alexander: It’s collaborative. Prentice & I write and agree on chord progression and rhythm and then I write the melody & lyrics.

Prentice: Yes, someone will come up with an idea, then we bounce it back n forth until something works!


Tell us about your latest single “Criminal”?

Alexander: Criminal was originally written from the point of view of Death, as a character, but when we were recording it we realized that it really applies to the current administration and the policies that they’re enacting, as well as the current sociopolitical climate. That’s why it’s really become the protest anthem off of our upcoming album. We just finished a music video for it that will be out soon.

What advice would you give to other rock bands trying to get noticed?

Prentice: When we get noticed, we’ll then be in a position to give advice.

What does the future hold for VATTICA?

Alexander: We’re doing a lot of showcasing right now as we fine-tune our live show.

Prentice: Trying to get noticed


Keep up with more music and news for VATTICA on their WEBSITE.

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