The Jack Cades Debut in ‘Music For Children’

The Jack Cades formed in the UK when husband and wife duo Mike Whittaker (lead guitar and vocals) and Elsa Whittaker (rhythm guitar and vocals) got together with State Records Studios to record some tracks. The result was a blur of varying groups until finally, the Jack Cades were born. Their sound is highly influenced by 60’s garage rock, rhythm & blues, and a hint of a punk attitude. Their debut mini-LP, Music for Children Shindig! Magazine is streaming



Music for Children draws inspiration from all types of music. For example, “You’ve Seen It All” riffs like an old 60’s surf rock song. The drums and high-pitched solos especially add to the subtle vocals, emphasizing a rapid-fire tempo. The song screams “fun.” Meanwhile, “Get A Life” chants and rocks like a 70’s punk anthem. Elsa Whittaker’s jamming guitar and vocals add to the garage-punk sound, giving it an extra ounce of charm.


Every song on the LP summons the old garage band sound. The music is energetic, spunky, and has some attitude. The guitars’ sound is reminiscent of the cheery hum of Beat Happening. There’s no room for a sappy, sweet love song in this LP, in spite of the predictable husband/wife duos that could be performed. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that there were no such songs. The Jack Cades’ sound simply does not harbor a romantic side.


The Jack Cades Call on their Teenage Angst


The 60’s garage band style typically sways toward the softer side, but with the critical incorporation of punk into their style, the Jack Cades are more interested in rocking out. Song titles like “Get A Life,” “Head in the Sand,” and “Identity Crisis” prove that there’s an angsty side to the Jack Cades. To see a husband and wife make music together and find creative overlap in their “snotty” sound is original and pulls me further into the LP.

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