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Jackie Venson Live @ Rockwood Music Hall

The world of social media has gotten us much closer to our favorite artists. We are now welcome into their everyday lives and are able to live vicariously alongside them. One artist who has truly mastered this relatability through social media is Jackie Venson.


Although it felt like I already knew Jackie, this past Sunday night I was able to finally see her live when she performed at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City. Stage 3 at Rockwood is a beautiful and warm room downstairs. It is intimate but as soon as Jackie Venson takes the stage her presence becomes the center of attention.


Right off the bat, Jackie interacts with the audience as if we have all been friends for years. She warms up her voice and guitar in front of us all explaining it all. Her openness is so refreshing and so different from what we have become accustomed to.


We are also introduced to the new drum machine that Jackie Venson is putting to work in NYC for the first time. She lays down a soulful beat effortlessly and impresses the crowd even more. Her voice has that same soulful style as it moves from Rock to Blues to R&B even.


When Jackie performed “Mysterious”, my personal favorite song, it had a fresh and different feel. The live version is even better than the record as her voice hits the chorus without the need for any editing or overdubs. It is exquisite! Here is a snippet of it from my iPhone:

Jackie Venson Mysterious


The crowd remains mesmerized by the connection that Jackie Venson has made with all of us. We are all part of her tribe enjoying each moment.


Jackie Venson Live Is A Recommended Experience


We are treated to a new song titled “Cover My Eyes” as well. Some synth sounds played through her drum machine add another level to what a solo artist can do live. With each “yeah” she belts out after a guitar fill we get even closer.



This was a night to remember. With this being the first time I saw Jackie Venson solo live, I know I will make it out next time she comes around. I strongly advise you do the same.


Keep up with her everyday life on FACEBOOK and look for tour dates on her WEBSITE.

-(photo by Jinni J) 

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