Jahreal Will Not Be A ‘Lonely Child’ For Long

We all gain musical influences in our upbringing. It comes from our surroundings, our social situations, and the music we are exposed to growing up. The best artists will use this to develop thier own unique sound and brand. An artist that seems to have truly got this down packed is our recent find, Jahreal.

The young up and coming Hip Hop and R&B artist is now based in Florida. Although born in the United States, Jahreal spent most of his childhood in the Bahamas. This dual experience has helped him shape a sound that is all his own. There are sounds taken from Hip-hop, R&B, Rap, Trap, Alternative, Pop & Dancehall. 

His most recent project is the Sip Smoke Sauce mixtape. Jahreal took 10 of his favorite tracks and put his own flavor into them. A true emotional rollercoaster from start to end. Just last week we were treated to the accompanying music video for the hit ‘Lonely Child’

The beat was strongly inspired by NBA YOUNGBOY’s single “Lonely Child” but Jahreal added his own touch to take it to another level. His vocal delivery is strong yet sweet at the same time. There is true emotion in his lyrics that comes through effortlessly. There is a story here that demands multiple listens. The video is well-produced and shares the emotion of the song nicely with the visuals and Jahreal’s performance. 

Keep an eye on what’s coming from Jahreal on his TWITTER and INSTAGRAM

And check out the full mixtape HERE.

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