Jared Mancuso to Release High Energy New Album ‘Hype!’

Hailing from Philadelphia, PA comes alt rock connoisseur Jared Mancuso.


Originally from Bucks County, PA, Mancuso has been around the block when it comes to performing. In college he met Jared Bardugone, the two formed Strike of the Heart and later The Jared Project. After a whirlwind of albums and tours, the two went their separate ways and Mancuso was left with the drive to begin a solo venture.


Beginning in 2015, Mancuso released his freshman album, A Very Pleasant Person. He would later release his sophomore album Superdope. These albums lead to an invite to the Launch Music Conference located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


Set for release late summer 2018, Mancuso’s third album Hype! is sexy, slick and somehow infectious.


Jared Mancuso shatters expectations with electric new alt-rock album


The first track “Splendor” has a Queen meets the Red Hot Chilli Peppers vibe. It opens with a classic rock beat and guitar with garageband gritty vocals. With cut throat verses and a pop punk like chorus, this song is a whirlwind of genres.



“Extraordinary” swings and bops from the opening chords. With a 70s classic rock undertone, this track picks up with the bridge and swirls into a chorus that cannot be matched. With catchy lyrics and an even catchier beat, this song does not disappoint.


The title track “Hype!” is sprinkled with flecks of Beach Boys surfer music, this track is a head bobbing, toe tapping jam. With fast lyrics and a smooth chorus, “Hype!” certainly lives up to its name.


“Play False Blues” builds with every chord. With a slower knee jerk start, the chorus hits and all hell breaks loose. Blending blues and rock, this track is a cocktail of the best of what Mancuso has to offer vocally and musically.


Closing track “Make It Right” is a pop punk anthem. With fast beats and tricky chords and Beastie Boys rock rap, this song keeps the energy flowing to the last word. This track acts as a perfect bow tie on a polished album.


Jared Mancuso is a one of a kind artist. Blending all genres and the sounds of artists we all know and love, he creates a sound that cannot be matched. In artistry and musicality, Mancuso had taken the bar and set it on fire.


Keep a look out for the album and more news from Jared on his WEBSITE.

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