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Jared Mancuso Makes Fresh Music With Early Rock Influences

After a musician has been playing for a while they tend to experiment and search for innovative and fresh sounds.  Sometimes this muddies up their progress as they reach into the unfamiliar.  A way to regain their roots is to go back to the classics and refresh what drew them into becoming a musician in the first place. Our recent find Jared Mancuso has done just that and has reinvigorated his solo career.

Through the years he has been a part of many musical projects.  This helped Jared Mancuso expand his range and talents.  Collaborations allow you feed off another artist and challenge yourself to learn different styles to make a cohesive unit.  He was able to take all these skills and spin them into his own unique solo style that has really started to hit its stride.

The latest group Jared Mancuso was a part of is called Not Fade Away.  The project modernized and rocked up the music of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, The Big Bopper, and their contemporaries.  Diving into this early rock ‘n roll allowed him to become inspired by the simplicity and pop grooves that were the start of what Rock has become today but often drifts away from.  

Now Jared Mancuso has pulled together these pioneering sounds along with catchiness of Weezer, the garage rock styling of Jack White, and the punchiness of The Black Keys to form something that is truly all his own.  

His latest solo album, Superdope is scheduled for release on November 15th.  The 10 track record brings this new, yet classic sound to the forefront and will set Jared Mancuso up to draw in a wide array of new fans.  

The lead single “Roll Over” jumps out at the listener right away with a head bopping melody and a slightly dark vibe.  The peppy vocals and instrument fills, including a violin, make for an interesting listen where you need to hear where it goes next.  The simplicity of melodic early rock ‘n roll shows its face on “La De Da”.  The happy tone demands sing-alongs from the crowd.  The background harmonies add another layer that welcomes everyone in.

Jared Mancuso Is Superdope and One Cool Cat

The rocking title track “Superdope” brings the energy up a notch with distorted guitar and a raw tone.  This one will have any crowd dancing along with their own chaotic energy.  The sway ready “Rest Of Our Lives” with its short starts and stops and soaring vocals pulls the past to the future with a reckless abandon.  The crashing guitar solo lets you know exactly what time it is.  

Jared Mancuso shows he can slow it down as well on “Drive Me Crazy”.  The grooving track drags you through the sludge with a raw tone reminiscent of the best garage rock that has been brought to the mainstream.  The album closes with “Water’.  This slowed down track brings together a lot of influences with its folk-like guitar mixed with soaring harmonies and clap along vibe that welcomes everyone to be part of the Jared Mancuso world.

Superdope is a fresh taste of what has been missing in modern rock.  The melting pot of sounds has set the standard for the fun that rock ‘n roll can be again.

Keep up with the story and more music on Jared’s WEBSITE.

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