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Jealous of the Birds Goes Acoustic in New Version of ‘Plastic Skeletons’

With only her voice and an acoustic guitar, Naomi Hamilton, better known as Jealous of the Birds, weaves an intricate soundscape of her very own.


Intriguingly wordy and eclectically influenced, the music of Jealous of the Birds is something truly unique. Hamilton burst into the indie scene after her well-loved performance of SXSW back in 2016. Ever since, she’s been working hard to craft a new EP — one that will make the breakthrough she’s been looking for an official reality.


The Moths of What I Want Will Eat Me in My Sleep will be out July 13. While we wait, Jealous of the Birds has graced us with an acoustic reworking of her recent single, “Plastic Skeletons.”


Acoustic “Plastic Skeletons” Shows a Mellow Side of Jealous of the Birds


The original version of “Plastic Skeletons” is fun, mysterious, and hazy. In the acoustic reworking, Jealous of the Birds strips down to put the focus on Hamilton’s voice and lyrics.


“It’s fun to try to rearrange a song that was originally intended to be fuzzy and trashily psychedelic into something much mellower,” Hamilton explained. “That relaxed style of recording has grown to be part of my process these past few years, so I’m always blissed out to be able to share any little DIY moments like this.”


“Plastic Skeletons” begins with a catchy layered guitar riff that winds and weaves throughout the duration of the song. It’s anchored by a subtle but ever-present drum beat, setting the scene for the swift introduction of the first verse.


Much of the magic of the song lies in its lyrics, with intriguing, quirky imagery throughout.


“I spoke with the plastic skeletons / And they’re all drinking dandelion wine and admiring the shoreline,” Hamilton sings.


The chorus is uniquely catchy, with its psychedelic and Middle Eastern vibes mixing together. While the original version is just as musical and interesting, the acoustic rendition of “Plastic Skeletons” shows off the very essence of Hamilton’s talent.

Naomi Hamilton has channeled her interests, influences, and inspirations into the musical world of Jealous of the Birds. Out July 13, her upcoming EP The Moths of What I Want Will Eat Me in My Sleep promises to be as unique and intriguing as its title suggests.


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