Jelly Ellington Inspires Freedom with “All In”

Rock artist Jelly Ellington took his music with him from North Carolina’s mountains to Texas’ humidity. Yet along with his music, he brought a contagious, overwhelming joy that captures listeners wholeheartedly. Such happiness is in his debut album, “All In,” and fans won’t be able to keep themselves from smiling during his national tour this year.

The album starts off with “Set Me Free,” and the song’s catchy, rock melody is guaranteed to bring head bobs and embarrassing dancing sessions by listeners. Ellington’s strong voice sings, “Let’s set this world on fire with this rock n’ roll cheer.” The title discusses freedom, but its buoyant lyrics and sound develop a rare musical joy. One can almost picture Ellington rocking out to his own music, smiling and laughing as he sings and plays the guitar.

Jelly Ellington’s debut album is unapologetically free

“All In” slows down with its second song, “Sunset.” A sunset is put into the realm of a song; the dreamy electrics and soft rhythms place listeners on top of a car watching the sun is going down. Ellington’s nostalgic voice creates an outstanding light, and his ability to blend both vision and sound is absolutely praiseworthy.

The debut album includes “New Day” towards the middle, which contains a compelling jazzy sound. Ellington dreamily sings, “In the stoplight we gaze upon this open road / We gotta break free from this cage and chase this dream.” The song holds a confident quirkiness with trumpets and a powerful, perfectly executed guitar riff. Ellington’s voice is loose and smooth as he inspires listeners to break away from restrictions and pursue their passions.

Ellington ends his album with a soft, hushed melody in “Wait For You.” His voice almost whispers when singing, “Now I hear your voice whispering through the trees.” The simple note progression is stunning and has a hypnotizing quality when combined with Ellington’s vulnerable love lyrics.

Ellington displays a profound talent and raw passion for music, which is becoming more and more rare to find. With each note, the musician compels listeners to smile and take on his same love for music and life. “All In” shows great promise within the music industry, bringing an inspiring and unique liberation.

Be liberated and hear more HERE.


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