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Jenny March Releases Killer Empowering Track “Rebound”

Up and coming pop artist Jenny March has just released an epic single titled “Rebound,” along with a music video. The 22 year old singer songwriter has truly outdone herself with this latest track. The video provides beautiful visual imagery to accompany this fearless song! What stands out the most about March is her ability and strength to turn real experiences into brilliantly raw storytelling. In “Rebound” Jenny March is unapologetically herself and empowers herself and fans to choose themselves over being somebody’s rebound. 

From the first line of the song, we can clearly hear her killer vocal range, and the notes that she hits sound beautifully effortless. The song begins with piano, with other instrumentals fluidly filling in as the song progresses. The emotion behind the song and video hooks listeners immediately, as the things she’s sharing are relatable to everybody.

The video flips back and forth between a couple different settings, some with Jenny and the boy she’s singing about, and several scenes of her by herself. The solo shots fit perfectly into the video, as they complement the mentality of choosing herself over someone else. 

An Empowering Artist

Jenny March has consistently had a signature sound and artist image and this latest track is no exception. The pinks and purples that are highlighted in this video are a reminder of her video for “Normal In Love.” Since the release of her debut single “California Daze” in 2018, she has hit the ground running, releasing several songs since then.

It’s always incredible to see artists that take their own experiences and turn them into beautiful works of art. Her lyrics are riveting from start to finish, as she sings about not wanting to give all of herself to someone she cares about when he can’t give the same in return. She writes “If I drink a drop of you, I’m gonna want the whole damn bottle. You still say we’re friends when you bring me around. And I don’t wanna be a rebound.”

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A true performer and passionate artist, Jenny March is gaining more and more fans with each track she puts out there. Her music is vulnerable and strong, and she is the kind of artist that embodies female empowerment! If you’re as hooked on this track as we are, be sure to give the rest of her music a listen! You can find it on Youtube, Spotify and Soundcloud. You can also check out her official website and find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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