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You “Won’t Be You” After This Jillian Francis PREMIERE

Changing gears is a very daunting task in any endeavor. It is so engraved in our minds that we have to stay with one lane whether it be in our career, our relationships, or even simply in the way we dress. However, rising singer/songwriter, Jillian Francis, challenges these archaic ideals in more ways than one through her debut single, “Won’t Be You”.

Jillian was, and still is, a flower child at heart. Through her debut single, “Won’t Be You”, she found inspiration in 70’s music legends like Joni Mitchell, Carol King and the witchy queen herself, Stevie Nicks. Seeking to evoke emotion, Jillian channeled these greats to create what she thought was a love song. However, it wasn’t until she showed the track to her close friend that the song changed its meaning. That close friend would be 11-time Grammy Award winning songwriter/ producer, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds.

“Won’t Be You” is quite honestly, the most comforting break-up song I have ever heard. On an initial listen, Jillian’s entrancing vocals and delicately plucked guitar riffs create a soothing and almost nostalgic feeling. It isn’t until you listen closely to the lyrics that you realize it is indeed a break up song. 

Inspired by conversations about the superficiality in modern relationships, Jillian found herself wondering why she wasn’t happy with someone that was so perfect on paper. Even though someone is so stereotypically perfect, it doesn’t mean that they are perfect for you. Jillian allows herself to be vulnerable throughout the track saying “I never learned to love the way you love me, I never knew I wanted to…forgive me when I say it won’t be you”.

Though Jillian has been an active member in the music industry for about ten years, the latter half of this term was as a music manager. She always knew music was destined to be a key staple in her life, but she wasn’t confident in her own sound quite yet. She felt that if she couldn’t fulfill her own destiny, she could help others. However, the longer she was on the business side of music, she felt the itch grow to produce her own work. 

Jillian Francis is currently working on her upcoming project entitled, Letters. She is also set to release her sophomore single later this Fall. 

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