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Joel Jorgensen musical career sounds like it should be a country song. He had a record deal with Sony Records with his rock band Angels Fall, but illness saw him released from his contract. The road after that was rocky as he struggled to find motivation and his writing mojo.

However, this is a comeback story as he returned with a new musical direction and a rekindled love for his craft. Switching rock for Americana, Jorgensen is now able to impress further with his lyrics by telling more meaningful stories with his songs. His way with words was showcased alongside his new sound when he released the EP Life Me Up.

His journey led him to Nashville, where his passion for music grew more. It led him to create a new collection of songs called Highway Lullabies. He needed a little help to bring this new project to life by launching a Kickstarter campaign. Due to its success, he was able to release his new album.

Highway Lullabies is an album built on the musical foundations that blend country and Americana. This combination is used as the perfect soundtrack to accompany his captivating storytelling quality. This combination can be heard from the opening track “Turn Me into Water”. It instantly showcases his way with words, especially with the line “Yes I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place, won’t someone please turn me into water”. But, Jorgensen also shows off his soulful side with songs such as “Hey Girl”.

No matter the tone or tempo of the song, he knows how to bring the appropriate amount of emotion to bring his lyrics to life. “Wings of an Angel” is the perfect example of Jorgensen at his best. As it comes to its close, the passion within his voice as he repeats the line “On the wings of an angel that night” is captivating.

From the different styles and sound that Jorgensen has created, the depth of his lyrics has always stood out. He has a real grasp of how to share a story with honest emotion. Each track highlights this talent with “To the Bottom of It” shining bright amongst them all. The opening lines say it all about its story “I’ve got bourbon on my breath / And a woman on my mind / Still ain’t come to terms with it / And it’s been a long time”. As he shares his words, there seem to be a connection, as if he is speaking from experience.

Choosing a favourite from this collection of songs will be a difficult task.  Each one offers something a little different and selecting may come down to which one the listener connects to more. One that should be a contender is the title track “Highway Lullabies”. It features the best vocal performance from this release.

Joel Jorgensen creates Americana with soul on his new album ‘Highway Lullabies’

From its outset, the guitar and strings create this delicate and emotive atmosphere. Then the story begins with “Early morning rising up shake the dreams from my head / Another day left behind another one ahead”. It may not be an original tale, but it stands out because of the delivery. When Jorgensen sings, his emotive tone grabs the listeners attention. No line highlights this more than “I’m shifting through the highs and the lows / I wonder if I’ll ever make it home”.

Highway Lullabies is the perfect showcase of Joel Jorgensen musical talents. His songwriting and vocals feel more confident and better than ever. With the high calibre of the tracks on offer, this will receive the praise it deserves.

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