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It has been a long wait for new music by Johnny Ashby. Since his impressive The Cannonball Days EP in 2015 he has been wowing listeners with his songwriting talents and American sound. His work speaks for itself with standout tracks such as “Back in 1993”, “Lifeboats” and, “Magic”. His last EP Friends, Lovers and Enemies featured his best collection of songs with “See you on the other side” showcasing his talent to perfection. 

His talents have not gone unrecognised as The Huffington Post named him as a Top 5 Emerging Icon. Not only that, but his music has gained airplay in the UK and America. His songs have also featured on primetime televisions shows such as Pretty Little Liars, Elementary, and Grey’s Anatomy, to name a few.

Now, Ashby is ready with a new batch of songs to set loose onto the world. The first to be released is “Somebody New”. From its beginning, there is a change in sound due to its upbeat tone. The mood is helped along by his infectious strumming pattern on his guitar. It sets the tone for Ashby to begin his tale with “I had your heart / Written on my wish list / And I knew right then from the start / That you and I, we could have had it all”. He shares these words with a gentle and warm tone that adds to his storytelling quality.

When the hook arrives, he can stretch his vocal range with the lines “Somebody new”. He gets another chance to showcase his voice during the bridge. He does so with the verse “I’ll be sending out an SOS / To save my stranded soul / How do others make it effortless / Waiting for a heart of gold” with an impressive amount of passion. 

It’s been a while but Johnny Ashby is back and ‘Somebody New’ was worth the wait

There is more to come from Johnny Ashby with new music before the year ends and into 2020. If that is not enough, he is also creating new tunes with Carl Thomson as the rock duo Kid Giant. They have already released the track “This Is Home” (featuring John Waugh of The 1975). It’s busy times for this talented songwriter.

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