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Joseph Trem

Your music should be inside of you without any restrictions. Do not let genres or current mainstream music define what you write. By being true to your own sound you will produce your best self and therefore your best music. Our recent find Joseph Trem does just that.

Today IndieBandGuru is proud to premiere his latest single “Getaway”

We had the chance to catch up with Joseph Trem and get a little deeper into his music and artistic journey. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, What drives you to create music?

It usually comes from an overwhelming feeling. It could be rushing adrenaline, or anxiety, or feeling dejected. When I have no words, I go to the piano and just start playing shit. Or sometimes I’ll feel inspired by a record I hear and I’ll start making something because I want to give listeners the same feeling that record gave me. For me, it’s best to create music while I’m working through an intense emotion because then I can gain perspective through the process. If the listener hears that, I’ve reached my goal.

How would you describe the Joseph Trem sound?

A combination of nostalgia and allusion with the current moment. My records have throwback elements, yet they are often vignettes of the here and now. ‘Getaway’ sounds like 2008, ‘I Just Wanna Have Some Fun’ sounds like the late 90s and ‘Show Me All Your Moves’ sounds like the early 2000s. My sound is not specific to any decade or year, but it is dedicated to escapism itself.

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

Taylor Swift, Prince, Michael Jackson. I love pop rule-breakers. The idea of creating something entirely new, something totally innovative is what drives me and what I will continue to strive for. It’s not always about following trends; it can be about taking trends and twisting them. My music is in it’s early stage right now, so it is highly influenced by these artists. I hope to build upon that and make it my own.

How does a song come together for you? What is your songwriting process?

It’s often a slow process that starts in my backyard and ends in my home studio. Concepts for songs happen randomly for me, so I can be walking around and think of a melody or lyric. If it feels special, I’ll go with it. I construct most songs on the piano, and even as they are tranferred into bigger production I try to maintain the same spirit I felt on the piano. Most songs I make take years to produce because my attention span is zilch, so I get bored with a project easily. But then I’ll go back years later and the magic is recaptured. 

What can you tell us about your newest single “Getaway”?

It’s an upbeat, moody track that sounds like late 2000s, early 2010s pop. It was not inspired by the pandemic, but it does feel like it was made for post-Covid fun. Remember clubs? “Getaway” recaptures the adrenaline we took for granted before 2020, but it does have the residual attitude of quarantine. 

How do you hope to connect with your audience through your music?

I want my audience to relate to my music and to get perspective out of any situation they find themselves. If that means dancing like a maniac through your house when nobody’s home, so be it.

Share some advice for other artists trying to be heard in pop music.

Never be quiet. Your music it your voice and you need to keep using it. Make people pay attention. Make people listen to your voice.

What is next for Joseph Trem?

Many more singles. I promise there will be an album someday because in my opinion albums are the most authentic form of music. But expect different sounds, and expect to have your mind blown.

Keep up with more from Joseph Trem:

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/josephtrem7/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/josephtrem22

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