Jubilee Shares The Exotic Sweetness of ‘Peaches’

When passion is there you will find a way to make your dreams a reality. If you do not have the connections or experience you can put your head down and go out there and build your own way. Our recent discovery, the Jubilee project are building from the ground up and making no excuses on their way to stardom.

Raised between Bahia, Brazil, and California, USA, there was always the dream to create something to feature in music, movies, and other art projects. As time went on and the faith never wavered the brother-sister duo went on to form an indie music label and production company called Common Luxury LLC. 

The first major production Jubilee is now ready for the world. The artist stays true to her Brazilian heritage with an exotic blend of Americana, bossanova, dreampop, reggae, surf rock and beyond. It has been described as if Lana Del Rey & Harry Potter had a baby in the tropics. The group is comprised of Zsa Zsa on vocals and instrumentalist Alex Dillard (Alexei), and Sllyk to fill out the musical project.

The newest single from Jubilee is “Peaches”. Immediately from the spacy first notes, you know you are in for something quite different. The sultry vocals draw the listener in close for an almost romantic experience. Exotic sounds seem to come from every angle to fill the speakers. Beats build over an ambient sweep of synths. There is a comfort in the chaos.

We look forward to more of the fully immersive experience of Jubilee on thier WEBSITE and INSTAGRAM.

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