Juevos & T. Tom – Distance Makes The Rap Grow Stronger

Thanks to the powers of the internet and making the world a smaller place musicians who are forced to separate can stay in contact and share their music virtually.  Many songs have been written this way.  This keeps true musical connections together no matter what.  A good example is our latest find Juevos and T. Tom.

Juevos and T. Tom

The duo creates a type of hip hop that adds in other elements to form something fresh yet relatable to any fans of the genre. Seany Juevos is based in Long Island, NY while his partner Tommy T. Tom now calls Vermont home.  They are lifelong friends that worked on their skills together to reach the level they are at now.  Both men have a true talent for freestyling over raw hip hop beats.

After some back and forth the pair has now released The Juevos & T.tom Demo.  The 13 track record is a standout to the freestyle rap game and shows that distance can not break up a group destined by fate.  Both Juevos and T.Tom recorded in their home studios in Long Island and Vermont respectively.  Most of the final recording was done on Long Island’s North Shore.  The album opens with “Lounge Freeverse”.  The straight beat sprinkled with old school soul flavor is a good background for the lyrical flow that is spit.  There are many other great freeverse guest spots on this record such as “Madlib”, “Hamburg” and “K – Otix”.  Juevos and T. Tom show some experimentalism on “Time Machine”.  Samples abound to help push the story forward.  The lyrics truly stand out on the powerful “EuphoricChronicForest”.  The fast pace of the vocals are a stark contrast from the mellowed out backbeat which creates a very attention grabbing style.  By the time you reach the closer “Roadblocks” there has been a wide assortment of stories told that lead to this crowded track with noise seemingly coming from everywhere while the the rap walks out the door.

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