Juiceboxxx’s “Freaking Out” ties in Beastie Boy’s influences

Juiceboxxx "Freaking Out"

Mixing genes isn’t too uncommon in today’s music landscape. The latest to jump back into the hip-hop, rap and punk track that the Beastie Boy’s left behind is Juiceboxxx.

“Freaking Out” is Juiceboxxx’s first single from his upcoming LP “Freaked Out American Loser.”

When he talked about the track, he explained:

“Freaking Out” is about hitting brick walls and fucking everything up but despite it all staying the course and trying to change your life in a positive way. It is also just my attempt to make a high energy rap song with some real nerve. Musically, it is influenced by everyone from The Breeders to Wu-Tang Clan. I’ve been doing music my whole life. The real ones are in this regardless of trends or the internet attention economy or really anything. We do this because we have no choice. Scope a Juiceboxxx show and tell me otherwise.”

Conjuring up early Beastie Boy’s and infectious baselines, “Freaking Out” is catchy from start to finish.


While Juiceboxxx might be out of his mind, in all the best ways, he owns and commits to the unstoppable onslaught of creative ideas and outbursts. The Milwaukee native grew up in the 2000s within the noise, punk rock and underground rap communities of Wisconsin.

“Freaked Out American Loser” is Juiceboxxx’s punk-rap blast that captures the aggressive spirit of live shows.

Also adding a new level of polish, focus and professionalism- but only on the tracks- Juiceboxxx is finding ways to merge these sound cohesively.

Juiceboxxx admits that he’s putting together the pieces that each genre has to offer in an interesting and contemporary record. Of course, not conforming to any present trends. Also, he looks at major old school hip-hop and rap influences with a punk rock lens and builds on the language around that.

“Freaked Out American Loser” drops 7/28.

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