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A health scare can be a very motivational factor in life. When faced with our own mortality, we can either give up on life or push forward to create our best self and truly pursue our dreams. Our recent discovery KEez is a testament to putting his passion to work with a new personal album that will connect with his fans and new listeners.


Although born in Brooklyn, NY in 1984, Amityville, Long Island became his home soon after and the inspiration for his musical passion. KEez (an acronym for Keep Everything EZ) was drawn to writing stories and poems about his life experiences and the pain he sometimes felt. This quickly turned into the basis for his rap songwriting style. Lyrical rappers such as 2Pac, Nas, and Scarface became his biggest influences as he built up his skills.


After a string of well-received Albums, EPs, and free mixtapes, KEez was sidetracked by a severe case of Sarcoidosis. Hospital stays and experimental medicines left his life in question. Instead of giving up, KEez decided to use the pain and frustration as a catalyst to create a “final” project. He says “The music became my therapy and drive. The creative process made me better, mentally and physically.” The power of music shows itself again.


KEez Finds His Purpose With Come Hell Or High Water


The result is his full-length album Come Hell Or High Water released in December of 2017. The 14 track record has become the most personal art KEez has created to date. The opener “Alive” eases us in slowly. An almost R&B beat sits behind the build-up of the vocals as the intro sets us up for the coming stories to be shared.



The lead track of the album (along with a solid music video) is “Perspective.” Here we get to dive deeper into the mind of KEez. He is willing to share his personal experiences in both successes and failures. The beat is intoxicating and will have heads bopping along as ears soak up the lyrics. We return to some slick R&B sounds on “Hater” as the singer accepts the success of more people hating on you. Emotions run rampant on “Cry” as well.


The rebirth begins as “Baptism” picks up the pace with a lyrical attack that is second to none. There are both smooth and sharp pieces here that blend together to form one cohesive unit. “Sing” is another powerful track as KEez accepts his faults and gives thanks to his love for keeping him grounded and at peace.


Both “Roll Up” and “Looking” enter a more experimental tone with exotic beats bringing attention to the energy and the passion that KEez brings to his music. The closer “Pink Lemonade” seems to blend all the album’s styles together with a catchy melody paired with real talk lyrics that bring us another step closer to the artist. We will all root for his continued success.

Keep up with KEez HERE.

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