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Kode Phive Pulls The Train Into “The People’s Station”

This life we all live will be littered with obstacles. It is part of our reality. As people, we must push through these struggles to achieve the success we want to. Too many give up along the way. As artists, we have the ability to use these hardships as inspiration for our music. Our recent find Kode Phive has mastered this process and has a brand new single to show for it.

The quickly rising songwriter and rapper grew up splitting his time between North Carolina and his current locale, the California Bay area. This back and forth definitely created some obstacles for Jabari Harris to overcome. He learned to channel that energy into the music of his alter ego Kode Phive. His music has become that outlet to release those problems. This real-ness has quickly adored him to fans that can relate to the same issues.

Today July 23rd, 2020, the newest single “The People’s Station” has hit the airwaves to connect even deeper with the fans. The moving song eases in with a smooth mellow sound before Kode Phive comes in with his attention-demanding voice. The conviction is obvious as he pours his heart and soul into the lyrics. We listen intently to dive deep into the life and story of the artist.

Kode Phove says of the idea for the track “The People’s Station as a place where all the real people can come together and hang without any drama.” This is a place we need in the world right now. Together we can achieve great things. Kode Phive can be at the forefront.

Keep up with the life and music of Kode Phive on his socials:

Instagram:  @KodePhive

Twitter: @KodePhive

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