Late Sea Releases Tribute to Literary Trailblazers with ‘The Writers Trilogy’

The Writers Trilogy, aptly named as a tribute to household literary classics by indie-rockers Late Sea, spiral in experimentation.

Exploring Late Sea’s Inspiration

The four-song EP features three original works in the collection. The last, a cover of Simon and Garkfunkel’s 1964 hit “The Sound of Silence.” A more melancholy rendition of the classic, Late Sea draws upon dramatic tones and cinematic trumpets and brass instruments to impend thought upon the cover.

An ode to Paul Celan, “The Great White” details a eulogy to the German poet. Another song covered in melancholy, this one is less slow than “The Sound of Silence.” “The Great White” draws upon its sound from upbeat rhythmic changes in synth. The end result is delightful, vocals lightly draping over the piece with sadness but vibrant energy. In terms of cinema, “The Great White” takes the cake with how exasperatingly dramatic the song builds. It needs to be this way though. Without production showing how intense the work can be, it would fall flat among other indie rock slow jams. Late Sea flexes their contribution in their genre can spread to strides in instrumentals.

How it all Comes Together

“Hunter” is based upon “The Hunter Gracchus” by Frankz Kafka. The story is based upon a boat carrying a very deceased Hunter Gracchus as it arrives at port. “Hunter” is the most upbeat and my favorite song of the collection. Vocally ambitious, the tune carries and builds upon itself. There’s layers, harmonies, and a drawl in the singing that cuts into the stern beats. Dramatic brass is the driving force. This makes for a very “stop and go” experience. Paired with an intergalactic type of synth (think something you would hear in Rick and Morty) the levels are impeccable. Though the motions seem odd out of context, everything works for a surprise enjoyment to go with an interesting German work of fiction.

The music video for “Hunter” is set for release later this January, but the first three songs are already available. The Writers Trilogy is also ready for streaming, and is a deeply enlightening collection.

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