Levels Shows Us Curious Coincidence

Faariss Khalil and Grayson Soares make up Levels, an indie-rock band from Dubai. The pair create their own instrumental guitar-based music; writing, recording, and producing music themselves. Coming from different backgrounds, Grayson from India and Faariss from the UK, they both bring their own varied influences that create a both groovy and melodic vibe.

“Curious Coincidence” is a new single from Levels that shows their distinct style. This track takes us on a journey through the different textures, atmosphere, and emotions they create with just a simple combination of instruments. From the beginning they establish a melody over washed out chords, all soaked in reverb. They go on to drive home a motif, changing through repetition and playing off the rhythm guitar and percussion.

Listen to Levels’ “Curious Coincidence” here

The song has an undeniable groove that makes it easy to listen to. “Curious Coincidence” takes a minimalist approach, giving it an almost lo-fi aesthetic with the stripped down instrumentals and reverb. But Levels make full use of all the elements in the track, the tight rhythm is all in the pocket, and melodies are given space to develop.

This single gives us a taste of what Levels can create as an instrumental duo. “Curious Coincidence” is part of their most recent album Two Black Stars. On each track, they excel at taking ideas and fully realizing them into interesting songs that embody the vibe they are trying to create. Keep up with Levels to see what they have in store for the future.

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