Like Elephants Goes ‘In Between Dreams and Truth’ on New EP

Austrian indie-pop band Like Elephants is pushing the boundaries and smashing any expectations with their newest EP, In Between Dreams and Truth.


The band’s first release last year, a debut LP entitled Oneironaut, established their dreamy synth sounds. In the year since its release, Like Elephants has been working to evolve their sound and push their music into new realms.


In Between Dreams and Truth is the short but sweet result.


The album consists of four tracks, each one revealing a different facet of the band’s unique sound.

Like Elephants Create “Extraordinary Cross Breed”

Inspired greatly by the musical trends of the 1980s, Like Elephants takes the New Wave approach to sound and modernizes it. With various analog synthesizers and guitar elements, the band’s sound has a retro flair while still remaining new and contemporary.


Evolving from its predecessor, In Between Dreams and Truth combines these New Wave synth influences with a new, highly danceable indie pop sound.


Lead track “Holiday” is a prime example of this complex sound.


With a rich synth foundation and catchy guitar lines, “Holiday” has an ambient sound that is the perfect complement to the optimistic simplicity of the lyrics.


Lead vocalist Viktor Koch sings of stopping time and living in the moment. Embracing youth and one’s blissfully peaceful surroundings are relatable and nostalgic feelings, and “Holiday” creates the perfect musical atmosphere.

The remaining tracks on In Between Dreams and Truth are equally as complex and enjoyable, though each one has its own distinct aesthetic.


“Ghost” is the perfect indie pop dance track, with quick driving percussion and a catchy bass line, while “These Pictures” goes back to the band’s more ambient and dreamy roots. The EP closes with its title track, bringing everything back together with its shoegaze-y yet still danceable atmosphere.


In Between Dreams and Truth is a brief but poignant taste of what Like Elephants has to offer. As their sound continues to develop, their music is sure to become more interesting and addictive.


The In Between Dreams and Truth EP is out on October 27 through Las Vegas Records. Keep up with the band on Facebook so you don’t miss out on news about music, shows, and more.

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