Lili Joy Shares “The Colours We Can’t See” In Breathtaking EP

Singer songwriter Lili Joy has just released her debut EP titled Colours You Can’t See. Fresh off of her journey on The Voice as a member of Team Blake, Colours You Can’t See features three beautiful tracks. Upon finishing her run on The Voice, she teamed up with producer and co-writer John Velasquez to create this melodic masterpiece.

“Colours You Can’t See” Beautifully Explores Emotional Depth

 The sixteen year old has an impeccable vocal range and dives deep emotionally with “Float”, “Sink” and “Glow.” In “Glow” Lili Joy sings “I don’t want you to know how much my feelings glow in the dark…I don’t want you to see the blackest part of me in the dark. Bandage my scars.” Both her lyrics and vocal range stun listeners as we are given a very personal close up. Colours You Can’t See refers to everything that takes up space in our hearts and minds, some of which fill us with shame or fear. In these three tracks, Lili Joy gives fans a very raw look at all of the colors that take up space for her. 

Instrumentals feature piano, bass, violin and others that carry us beautifully through the song and highlight her enchanting vocals. It’s so evident listening to her music that Lili Joy has a strong sense of self discipline and love for the music that she’s creating and that drive shines through with every track she releases. She draws from multiple genres, including jazz and pop, to fuse a sound that is beautifully an unapologetically hers. You can find her music across multiple platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Itunes. Be sure to also subscribe to her Youtube channel to keep up with this musical sensation!

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