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Little Brother Eli returns with their new track “Perfect”. It is about the imperfections of life, as the band describes as “like a toxically sweet Darth Vader”. This release originally came to life during a Kickstarter campaign, when a fan chose a reward to have a song written. The result was so good that Alex Grew (vocals), Joshua Rigal (bass), Adam Stowe (guitar), Mitch Weaving (drums) decided to release it as a single. Even during the crazy world of lockdown, Little Brother Eli managed to assemble an impressive music video to accompany the song.

Opening up the track is a low key groove. A change of pace to what fans come to expect from Little Brother Eli. It sets the mood with the opening lines “I like Sundays on my own / To the pictures on my own / J’adore la maison eau de cologne”. As the verse continues, they show off their playful way with words with “You won’t like my favourite flavours / I’m a treat no one savours / I’m a kung fu space invader / Like a toxically sweet Darth Vader”.

When the chorus arrives, the song springs into life. It is thanks to the addition of electronic elements with the use of synths. Until this moment, Grew’s vocals have felt controlled. Now he delivers that infectious tone which fans have come to expect. A great example of this is during the delivery of the lines “When I’m with you / I stop hurting / So maybe we’re imperfect / (and I’m the perfect fit for you)”. 

As the song continues, the groove mixes up the tempo to take the listener on an audio rollercoaster. It also features another moment for Grew’s vocals to steal the limelight. The flow within the delivery of the lines “You make me feel like I don’t have to run away / You make it feel ok / That we can sit in silence” sounds so good.

As the song heads towards its end, Little Brother Eli add something new, with a soulful element to the lines “I need someone to help me when the lights go down / I tell myself: what are you waiting for?”. It is the final piece of what makes “Perfect” essential listening.

‘Perfect’ is another slice of alt-pop goodness by Little Brother Eli

“Perfect” is yet another excellent example of the infectious music which Little Brother Eli creates. Not only that, but this release showcases how the band interweave various sounds within their work. In doing so, confirms the depth of their songwriting with lyrics that will make the listener smile. These guys love what they do. So it is safe to assume that there are more new tunes in the pipeline.

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