“Little Dance” Is A Big New Track By Neon Dreams

R&B/rock cocktails can be some of the smoothest hybrid tracks when they’re done the right way, and in the case of the new single “Little Dance,” collaborators Neon Dreams and Majozi definitely set a good example for their peers. Rather than weighing down the mix with a giant, funky bassline or giving the hook more varnish than the rest of the song, Neon Dreams presents us with a gentle groove and a potent melody that brings together the best elements of classic pop with a modern feel to the rhythm. Majozi tags in for an especially seductive guitar part, and all in all, I think this is a new high point for all three of these players. 

Texture never escapes the master mix, but instead finds itself trapped between the thrash of the drums and the soft melodicism of the lead vocal. There’s a physicality to the instruments, but it’s very minimal in comparison to the burn of the guitar solo specifically, which feels like it was given a lot more grit in the finishing stage of the record than anything else was. As a whole, this is a punchy pop track and one that I can see FM radio pouncing on for sure. 

I could easily get into an entire album of content like “Little Dance,” and if Majozi and Neon Dreams were to make a complete tracklist of collaborative material, I haven’t any doubts that critics would praise it as one of the smarter moves either act could make at this juncture of their careers. They strike gold with the hook in this single, and whether it’s the happy-go-lucky feel of the music video or the nature of the splendid groove in this track all on its own, you can’t get away from the likability that Neon Dreams are sporting in “Little Dance.”

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