Little King Keeps Their “Hate Counter” In Their Back-Pocket

Consistently grinding since 1996, rock’n’roller’s, Little King are no stranger to releasing music you can nod your head to. Consisting of Ryan Rosoff (guitar, vocals), Manny Tejeda (bass, backing vocals), and Eddie Garcia (drums, percussion), Little King was made from talented people from all over North America with a passion for rock. The band takes influences from each of the members backgrounds, creating a grungy, Latin rock sound that makes you take notice. Little King’s latest release, Occam’s Foil EP stays entirely true to their distinct and impactful sound.

A true highlight in Occam’s Foil comes from the single, “Hate Counter.” Raw, inspired, and beaming with energy you can tell that this song came from a place deep within the band. Touching on the never-ending hate and negativity going on in today’s American society, the lyrics fit the angst within the punchy guitar riffs. It’s almost impossible not to notice the references to our current government officials with gripping lyrics like,

“I see your hate! You wear it well, so well, so well, you build the cages and the walls…all-American hell”

If the invigorating lyrical content doesn’t get your blood pumping, then the musicality presented will. Carrying an essence of rock legends from the 80’s-90’s such as Metallica and Iron Maiden, “Hate Counter” is exploding with unadulterated rock. You’ll find yourself compelled to head-bang and bust out your best air instruments while you’re listening along.

“Hate Counter” is the first track on Occam’s Foil and it completely sets the tone for the rest of your angsty, adrenaline fueled journey throughout the rest of the EP. Little King is out to prove that rock’n’roll is alive and well with this release. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for tours and more to come from these guys and listen to Occam’s Foil on your preferred streaming platform!

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