Long Gone Releases Riveting EP “Something Better”

Pop rock band Long Gone has just released an astonishing EP titled Something Better. The Chicago based trio is comprised of Matt, Patrick and Trevor. They went from friends from high school to a fully flourishing band. Their chemistry as a group is very evident throughout all of their music. Something Better is comprised of six tracks: “Moving On,” “September,” “Lobotomy,” “Heads Down,” “Emerald Cities” and “Remember.” Each catchy track is full of energy and character. This band is impossible to stop listening to once you start!

Something Better Is An Anthem Of Fearless Storytelling

Something Better explores many universal themes and emotions, such as love, loss, doubt and hope. Listening to their lyrics gives fans a front row seat to fearless and honest storytelling that anyone who has experienced lust and heartbreak can relate to. These smooth, compelling vocals fuse harmoniously with the heavy guitar and percussion. This EP is truly a melodic masterpiece. Something Better is a beautifully told story of saying goodbye as well as searching for strength to get through the hard times to something better. They explore the question of what home means and explore growing forward together without forgetting the impact of the past. Every track from Something Better provides listeners with more insight into their lives as young adults and musicians.

It is a rare gem to find groups whose talents and life experiences bounce of each other so seamlessly and Long Gone does just that. “Moving On” will reel you in and by the end of “Remember” we know you’ll be craving more! If you’re as addicted to these catchy anthems as we are, be sure to keep up with them on social media. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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