Louiza Unfolds a “Party Trick” with New LP

“I saw you at a party watch me like bad tv,” is not only one of the coolest ways to start a pop song, but a stunning way to capture attention. Another killer method is a demanding pattern of drum synth, immediately making your head bob. As a result comes an aggresively passionate lead single. Party Trick is from pop-based debut by Louiza.

Tricky Buisness

A pop debut shimmering in quality, Party Trick emulates the unique tones in Louiza’s voice. Summer instrumentals bring back beach vibes to the chilly inclination of fall. The title track analyzes a party argument; growing in anger as the song progresses. The antagonist in the song is easy to dislike-described as interrupting conversation and straight-up leaving in the middle of the party.

“It was born from an angry feeling,” front woman Rebecca Mimiaga said. “There was someone I knew well, yet from whom I felt excluded, especially in front of other people. I thought, ‘how can I confront this person musically and lyrically?’ I sat at the piano and visualized laying into this person at a party, in front of everyone.”

Louiza’s lyricism uses metaphorical language to illustrate the encounter. Dreamy synth creates a bubblegum pop dance vibe that’s irresistible to not agree with the singer. Counting off how life has its party tricks near the end, the easily relatable song has unexpected twists and turns up until that point.

Deeper into Louiza

The band captures the attention of audiences by demanding control throughout songs through musicality and emotion. The result is intelligently blended pop and indie alternative dance music that doesn’t fail to keep you entranced. While easily identifiable as pop, the interworkings of a charismatic guitar riff can’t be ignored-giving the song edge.

Though Party Trick is being released October 21st, Louiza is already working on Album #2. The San Franciscan native band will perform a NY release show on November 12th at the Pianos showroom and continue shows around the area.

You can hear more Louiza on their SOUNDCLOUD

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