LT Wade Shows The Radiance of the West Coast in New Single

Hailing originally from London England but now residing on the East Coast in Brooklyn, New York comes alternative rocker, LT Wade.


Wade is a musician and producer who began his professional career as a guitarist for Courtney Love back in the early 2000s before relocating and collaborating with members of “Black Wire” and “Lord Auch”.


After dabbling in various bands and eventually starting one in 2016, LT Wade broke off and began as a solo artist. After living in 3 cities in a matter of a few years, Wade has compiled elements from London, California and New York into one piece called Transient. Due out July 27, Transient is the name of the album because “Wade‘s life has been very transient over the last 2 years.”


Although the album itself is written, recorded and produced by Wade, he enlisted the help of friend Olly Betts, of ‘The Duke Spirit’, for drums on a number of tracks back in London. He also began working with Grant Zubritsky, of Chet Faker’s Band, in New York City who plays saxophone, keyboard, and bass in several tracks.


LT Wade captures life on the West Coast in new single



Although the tracklist has been released for Transient, the only single released is “My Sun & Stars”. This track embodies California’s best qualities. It is warm, sunny and carefree in the best ways. The swingy guitar radiates Cali love and showcases Wade’s vocals. The waves of the California coast seem to flow through this track as the unity between the instruments melts into one.


LT Wade has found a way to showcase an entire way of life in a song. He has been a musician for many years and that certainly shines through in this track. With the steam this track has generated, the rest of the album should certainly catapult him into “household name” status and right into stardom.


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