Lucas Jack Proves ‘Bittersweet Is Better’

We are often taught that making music should be a side hustle while you build a career in a “real” job. Treating music as your backup will hinder your speed to success. Or even put it aside as you navigate the world. Our new friend Lucas Jack seemed to be on the path to a successful career practicing Law in Chicago before he up and moved to Texas to begin pursuing a music career full-time. Things didn’t happen overnight but his dedication is now really paying off with the release of the new record Bittersweet is Better.

From his early beginnings as a small boy, the songwriter and performer had the draw to create music. Anywhere that would let Lucas Jack perform became a stage. This drive pushed him to play in bands and keep developing his talent with each opportunity. Now connected with bandmates Justin Schneider and Mike Gomez, big things are starting to happen. The band signed a record deal and recorded throughout 2022 and 2023 at Studio G in Brooklyn with producer Pete Harper. The result is the Bittersweet is Better album that seems to be truly connecting with listeners.

The record is being released in pieces to allow each track the focus it deserves. Opening with the smooth reverb drenched sound of “Runaway Suns” welcomes us to the Lucas Jack vibe. A slow and steady beat sits behind the big vocals’ anthemic feel of the track. An electric piano lead on “Slipping Away” gives the music some warmth welcoming us all to get lost in the sound. The vibe is laid back but there is some big energy in the sound. 

Lucas Jack Brings It ‘On My Way’

The sonic energy continues to build with “On My Way.” The pace picks up bringing the band to full momentum and pumping up the listener to dive into the track and feel the emotion of the lyrics. Solid production puts all the sound together in perfect alignment for a room full of music. The emotion turns deeper on the opening of “So Close” with a vocal only start. Soft keyboards come in giving it an adult contemporary feel before the rest of the band joins giving it an almost island tone. Lucas Jack can take you wherever he wants without it seeming out of place. 

We get to feel everything with “I Hope These Are The Days.” Each word is delivered with feeling over an atmospheric sound. As more sounds come in the full sonic space is filled to surround us with a warm embrace. We can all relate to the positivity and realization of Lucas Jack. Together we can all make each day the best day it can be. It will be a fun ride either way!

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