LVVRS’ Releases “Iconic” New Single/Video

2020 is producing a lot of great content among the American indie underground, and both pop and alternative rock fans do not want to miss out on one of its most intriguing hits so far – LVVRS’ new single/video combo “Iconic.” “Iconic” is a song as indebted to contemporary pop urbanity as it is an anarchistic rock n’ roll attitude, and while it isn’t the first track to successfully combine these two aesthetics inside of a four minute playing time, it would be fair to say that it’s one of the better releases of its kind getting some love from the independent press this year.

Watch “Iconic” HERE!

The music video for “Iconic” adds a visual component to what is already a very stimulating sonic backdrop, and I think that it actually contextualizes the narrative presented by the lyrics better than anything in the single itself does. The imagery is as riddled with color and textured expressiveness as any of the music is, and although there’s a case to be made that the video occasionally flirts with sensory overload (particularly when the chorus is met with an equally powerful display of muscularity on-screen), it never quite devolves into a negative realm of artistic overindulgence.

LVVRS might not be a household name at the moment, but they’re playing like they’re intending on becoming as much in “Iconic” without question. This isn’t the first time they’ve released a track that could be described as being a hybrid juggernaut, but if it manages to get into steady rotation anywhere on FM radio this season, I think it could well be the song that brings them the mainstream accolades they’ve long deserved. They’ve got plenty of competition coming at them from all sides, but with passion like theirs, there’s a good change they’re going to accomplish everything they set out to in the near future.

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