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Maddy Jane Live @ The Gasometer Hotel in Melbourne

Maddy Jane is a young singer/songwriter raised in Tasmania, Australia who is changing the indie scene. Starting out on an old beat up Yamaha guitar, music has been a part of her life from a very young age. Talent would not even begin to describe the capabilities this fresh artist possesses. Her performance at The Gasometer Hotel in Melbourne deeply demonstrated what sets her apart from other budding indie artists.


From the moment she stepped on stage, Maddy had captured the awe of the audience. It’s the difference between the crowd attending for the sake of good music and them anticipating the glory of the artist herself. Maddy was the show, in unfettered performance, enthusiastic lyrics, and inviting dance moves. She created an ever-changing space of exciting, intimate, and fun-loving music.


The Passion of the Performance Persists


In her 2018 tour, Maddy Jane is debuting her new five track EP Not Human At All, released March 2. Her performance of the title track created a huge roar of excitement. Maddy’s whole body told the story. The expression on her face led the audience into her exposed and heated state. Her striking melodic tone and an incredible range hushed the audience with an unparalleled authenticity.



“People” was my personal favorite. It is the only song written in her school days which still makes it to the stage. To me the juxtaposition of the lyrical complexity and melodic simplicity really prove how extraordinary her talent is, and from such a young age.



“Thank you and Sorry” was the crowd favorite. The track being her most popular on Spotify, I was not surprised that I was perhaps the only person that didn’t know every single word. The somber nature of this track did not detract from the array of contributing voices. The cohesion was heartfelt and created a sense of vulnerability in the overpack room.



Altogether a fantastic display of musicality, energy, and raw natural talent. Maddy Jane is not only one to keep your eye on, but a must-see live performance.


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