“Wake Up” from Maffmatix

The fast pace of the music is enough to give us a pretty good indication as to the kind of adrenaline-pumping performance we’re in for in the new single “Wake Up” from Maffmatix, but as the track presses on, it becomes clear that brute force and intense physicality aren’t the only reasons this song might turn on listeners this fall. If anything, there’s a lot more of a melodic presence to this performance than I was initially expecting, and by the time we reach the peak of what feels like a mountainous journey towards the hook, the tension we’ve passed along the way takes on a new level of meaning.

The music video for “Wake Up” is pretty surreal and doesn’t overstate a lot of props, which is the main reason why I like the source material as much as I do. You can tell that Maffmatix was not overthinking the concept for this piece in the least, but instead trying to figure out the most convenient way to get from point A to point B without leading us into a lot of indulgences that, to be frank, a lot of listeners have wrongly come to associate with electronic music in general.

While the pressure on the vocal is pretty wild, the backend could have used just a little more to bring out the color in the bass parts, which get the short end of the stick from producers in this scenario. It actually makes a bit of sense if the goal was to go more of a conservative route than any of Maffmatix’s peers have been lately, but I also don’t see where this artist should avoid experimentation just as a means of staying clear of the negative aspects it can bring about. This artist has earned some swagger, and those who listen to this single are going to understand why.

If this is on par with what we should be expecting from Maffmatix as they continue recording and developing a following all their own, then you can sign me up for more of this sound immediately. “Wake Up” has more drive than it needs, but it’s not as if this track fails to do anything with the energy it’s ultimately consisting of. There’s going to be a lot more buzz surrounding this single and its video in the near future, and I can imagine the same for its successors on the charts as well.

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