Man Mountain Release ‘Illumination Rings’ and ‘Memory Trace’ in Anticipation of New Album

Man Mountain, a post-rock band from Detroit, Michigan recently released their second single “Illumination Rings” off of their upcoming debut full-length album Infinity Mirror. This single is a follow up to their song “Memory Trace.”


Upon first glance, “Illumination Rings” appears to be a daunting track, clocking in at just over eight minutes, and containing no lyrics at all. But Man Mountain succeeds in pulling the listener in from the first notes. The song starts of with an eerie guitar and percussion, but quickly transitions into a more melodic guitar line.



As the song goes on, more guitar is added, and with that, it becomes more clear that Man Mountain’s sound has been influenced by several genres. The calculated guitar notes signify an emo influence, as well as a clear heavier rock influence. Man Mountain takes these other genres and makes them distinctly their own.


Although there are no lyrics in the song, Man Mountain has no trouble conveying the emotion of “Illumination Rings.” The song takes the listener on a journey, but Man Mountain keeps their sound consistent. “Illumination Rings” builds in a way that each section of the song conveys an expanded version of the same calm but emotive sound.


Man Mountain’s Heavier Single ‘Memory Trace’


Their previously released single “Memory Trace” has similar qualities, but with a heavier tone. From the introduction of the song, it is clear that “Memory Trace” will contain a much more prominent rock drum sound. The song is very echoey and ominous, making for a much darker song overall. Although the two singles are much different, they work well on their own and together.



“Illumination Rings” and “Memory Trace” are two strong singles from Man Mountain’s upcoming release. They display the diversity of the band’s sound and how they pull from various inspirations to create something new.


Infinity Mirror will be released on March 16, along with a remastered version of the band’s debut EP.

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