Latest Single From Mannis Is Anything But “Doomed”

Self-produced pop artist, Mannis, is making waves as he gears up to drop his debut EP, PLEASE STAND BY. To tease the world with his melodic, hip-hop inspired stylings, Mannis recently released two inspired singles. “DOOMED” and “SLOW DOWN” showcase all that is to come from this artist on-the-rise.

Inspired by the likes of Blackbear and Christian French, you can feel the smooth fusion between hip-hop, pop, and EDM with the new singles from Mannis. The tracks have that perfect, sun-roof-open, in-the-summer feeling that you can bounce along to. Mannis keeps his beats light and clean, making for a super enjoyable listening experience no matter their genre preferences.

Focused around love and navigating finding it in the 21st century, both “DOOMED” and “SLOW DOWN” are relatable well beyond the tight beats and criminally smooth melodies. These tracks highlight nothing short of well-written and performed music that has the ability to translate to fans of all backgrounds.

“DOOMED” highlights Mannis’ vocal abilities, showcasing his impressive falsetto and his seamless transition in and out of it. It’s laid-back yet upbeat vibes leave it as a contender for the breakthrough song of the summer, leaving us to cling to any semblance of summertime that we have left.

And contrary to it’s name, “SLOW DOWN” showcases a bit more of an aggressive beat that results in an empowering overall feeling. This track is reminiscent of some of the bigger hits on Post Malone’s Beerbongs & Bentleys. It balances the lines of popular rap/hip-hop music with pop beautifully and further proves that Mannis has earned his space in this sector of music.

“DOOMED” and “SLOW DOWN” have created quite the hype for Mannis’ debut EP PLEASE STAND BY. If these singles are any indication of what else is to come from Mannis, then we can expect to be hearing more and more of his name in the months and years to come.

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