Manuel Muzzu’s Marvelous Take on Modern Jazz

Manual Muzzo’s newest album ‘3-Ree’ is a brilliant take on modern jazz, combining classic elements with innovative modernity.

Manuel Muzzu’s ‘3-Ree’ is the perfect album for the modern jazz lover. Modern jazz does not have the mainstream popularity that other genres such as pop, rock, or even hip-hop. A positive of this is that jazz is not often tainted by popular expectations. ‘3-Ree’ is a perfect example of this. Each song on Muzzu’s new album has its own soul and sound.

‘Smoothazz,’ track six, on the album, is incredibly distinctive. This song masterfully mixes smooth jazz and classic rock with its use of the guitar. Less competent artists might cause these two styles to clash – not Muzzu.

‘3-Ree’ by Manuel Muzzu is an exploration into Alt-Jazz

‘Give a Fu(n)k’ gives the listener a taste of…well…funk. This track is incredibly stylish. Its melody will live in your head for days. It is the kind of song that you can listen to late one evening with your eyes closed and lose yourself. This tune has a fire to it, making ‘Give a Fu(n)k’ a perfect first track for ‘3-Ree.’

Even though this album is perfect for a die-hard jazz fan, ‘Just a Lullaby’ is an excellent introduction to the genre. It has a very gentle, soft quality that is incredibly soothing. If you, listener, have been looking for a song to relax you, your search has ended with ‘Just a Lullaby.’

On the opposite end of the spectrum, ‘Giant Step’ incorporates electro-pop qualities, making it perhaps the most lively track on the album. It also has a quick pace that is amazingly catchy.

‘Kosong’ is perhaps the most classical jazz melody of any of the songs in the album. Yet, Manuel Muzzu adds in a modern flair which makes the song sound fresh and gives it a unique edge.

An Alternative Jazz Album You Won’t Want To Miss

‘3-Ree’ by Manuel Muzzu is an excellent album for jazz-lovers and new fans of the genre alike. It is accessible, yet filled to the brim with timeless excellence.

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