The ‘Mark Ian Rocket Man’ Project Sheds New Light on Country Pop Music

In today’s realm of music, pop and country go together like sunshine and whiskey. The Mark Ian Rocket Man Project is an original modern take on traditional country music.  


The Mark Ian music brand has been developing over the past few years and the Mark Ian Rocket Man Project is the latest installment.


Mark Ian Blumenthal was born and raised in Montreal, Canada during the heyday of rock and roll. Choosing the guitar from an early age set Ian apart musically through his high school days and into early adulthood.


After several years away from music, Ian suddenly decided to emerge into the music scene with a creative team of other musicians.


Released on May 29, “Stay With Me” featuring Sabrina Purdy is the first glimpse of this new chapter.


The ‘Mark Ian Rocket Man’ Project is bold and contemporary

“Stay With Me” is an experimental country experience. It swings and sways like a traditional tune but bops and rocks with a modern twist. With lyrics that reflect the past and choices made, this piece’s solid message burns bright.


With experimental chord progressions and solid vocals, this song as a whole breathes new life into the country pop music scene. Fresh pop vibes and country undertones blend together seamlessly to create a work of art.


“Stay with me she can’t give you my love,” sings Purdy at the beginning of the refrain. With lyrics that ring true to many listeners going through heartache, as any good country song does, this track tugs heartstrings and hits home for the heartbroken.


Although this outfit only has 1 song at the moment, the heart and soul of the project shines through. Mark Ian and Sabrina Purdy are a match made in musical heaven. Their blend of musicianship and vocals are original, bold and a breath of fresh air.  

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