Matt Mackey III Ready To Explode On The Pop Scene

As a US Army Veteran myself, I can assure you there is a lot of music always floating around the barracks. Meeting people from all over the country exposed me to many different types of music. There were also many of us that shared our love for music and would sing and create songs as we were ‘stuck’ together as brothers in arms. Our recent discovery Matt Mackey III is a testament to the amazing sounds that can develop in these situations.

The singer and songwriter originally hails from Maryland. Music was in Matt Mackey III from an early age. Rumor is that he could sing before he could talk. Life’s journey took him to the US Marines and opened up more doors as he traveled the world and had the opportunity to perform his music in Okinawa, Japan. He then moved on to Los Angeles, California to move forward his career and get a degree in Entertainment Business.

The sound of Matt Mackey III is deep in the pop genre but adds an arena sized tone with a cinematic twist and expert production. While performing at a showcase in Los Angeles, Performing rights agency SESAC saw his talent and signed Matt to their exclusive roster. Big things keep happening for him as he currently has a non-exclusive agreement with licensing company, Songtradr, who has generated many music placements with his music. He also had the opportunity to do some promo artwork and CD cover for Billboard artist, DAYA.

Matt Mackey III is truly a multi-talented individual



The latest single by Matt Mackey III is “I Was First”. The song is a story about letting go of a toxic relationship and learning to move forward by embracing who you are after it ends. The vocals shine over a full soundscape of noise blending together perfectly.

A truly artistic music video accompanies the song adding another layer to the vision of Mackey III. The visuals and exotic beat will work their way deep into your soul. We will all be singing along to the anthemic chorus before long.

Keep an eye and ear out for Matt Mackey III on his WEBSITE as well as SPOTIFY

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