MDMP Continues To Teach With ‘Learn’

As musicians, we are always growing and evolving. There is all kinds of music inside of us that needs to escape. Often times some of that music just is not right for the current band we are in. This is where side projects come in to play. Many of these side projects push forward and actually come to the forefront after a band loses its momentum or breaks up. We recently discovered MDMP which began on the side but is now taking off on a life of its own. 

Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Jeremey Meyer has been making music for quite a while. His biggest success was with the Nebraska metalcore band Sherry Drive. After he left the band in 2017, Jeremy pushed forward with his MDMP project that had been bubbling just under the surface for a while. 

Now relocated to Nanakuli, Hawaii, MDMP is becoming its own organism and putting out some truly interesting music. The sound is based in hard rock but has elements of metal and 90’s Grunge to round it out. Jeremy Meyer brings in the talents of Anu Ratzburg on drums and EJ King on vocals as guests and sometimes members of the project. 

Last year saw the release of the straight-ahead rock song “Black Label”. The grinding guitars lay down a mesmerizing trance-like sound. The vocals stand above to tell the story of diving into the bottle after experiencing the daily troubles of life. There is hope but it seems distant.

The latest release by MDMP is “Learn”. It is a bass heavy track that reaches deep into your soul. The slow creep pairs well with the dark vocal delivery. A picture is painted of a place that we all may want to avoid. A rap verse comes in to add to the growing energy and fully take over your mind. 

We are excited to see where MDMP will go from here. Keep a lookout on their WEBSITE or FACEBOOK.

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