There’s No Holding Meg Mac Back In Her Newest LP, “Low Blows”

Australian singer-songwriter Meg Mac released her newest LP, Low Blows. 

The LP is 11 tracks of fun and amazingly original tunes. With inspirations such as Adele and Amy Winehouse, Mac’s strong and confident voice continues to form the indie-pop genre, one vibrato note at a time.

Mac uses her musical talents to construct each song with creative, unforgettable melodies and beautiful mezzo-soprano vocals. Her powerful voice perfectly fits her songs, specifically the ones about being independent and strong. Don’t Need Permission is a great reminder that you can always be yourself. Mac sings “Gotta be selfish, take it or leave it. Now you gotta listen, I don’t need permission to be myself… It’s my decision, I don’t need permission to be myself.” Grace Gold also is a great representation of strong and independent women.

Although she is mighty, Mac is not afraid to express herself on a more emotional level.

Heartfelt feelings are the groundwork to songs such as Low Blows, Didn’t Wanna Get So Low But I Had To, Morning, Shiny Bright, and Cages. Refreshingly, these songs still come in much variety. Shiny Bright is an acoustic-sounding track with piano chords to back up her smooth vocals.

Then there’s Low Blows, which is more electronic-sounding with guitar and a heavy percussion base beat. Low Blows, also the title of the LP, takes everything that’s fun about pop music and mixes it with raw lyrics. It’s a creation you can’t stop listening or singing to.


Before her LP Low Blows, Mac began her career in 2013. Since her debut, she’s toured with D’Angelo, received critical acclaim on her last EP from the likes of NYLON, Glamour, Rolling Stone, Noisey, Refinery29 and more. A couple of her tracks were also featured on shows like GIRLS and Grace & Frankie.

Mac sure knows how to create a crowd-pleaser. The entire LP is overflowing with songs meant to be heard on the radio. There’s no holding Mac back, and why would anyone want to?


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