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Megan and Shane Tell Us All About ‘Caroline’

This year has been quite a crazy time. We all needed to find ways to adapt our lives and make the best of it. Our new friends Megan and Shane turned their newfound free time into a new musical project to bring some joy to the world. 

The Phoenix, Arizona based couple are both seasoned veterans of the independent music scene. Megan and Shane are also both teachers at School Of Rock helping to pass their love of music to the next generation of stars. The new music has a rootsy Americana feel that is ready to share hope with everyone.

Indie Band Guru is honored to premiere the new single “Caroline”

The track adds a full on energy to their Americana sound with a pumped up beat that will get toes tapping and heads nodding along. The harmonized vocals of Megan and Shane pair perfectly to share that light the world needs right now. It is mature, yet raw. Melodic, yet punchy. Just what we all need right now.

We caught up with the pair for a deeper look into the new project and single. Enjoy the chat here:

First off, what drew you to start this project in this crazy time?

Our friend Noah Levy who is the drummer for Brian Setzer had his tours canceled.  So he made a post saying he just built a new studio in his house and will play on anyone’s songs.  So we thought, let’s help him out and write a couple of songs.  The 2 songs turned into 10 and ended up including friends from various states recording remotely.

We hadn’t had this much time to write in a really long time and those initial 2 songs opened up the floodgates of creativity.

How would you describe the Megan & Shane sound?

I (Shane) spent my earlier musical days touring in punk/ska bands opening for bands like Goldfinger, Smashmouth, D.I. Social D etc…and Megan cut her teeth country and rockabilly in Chicago clubs and then moved down to Charleston and played with Hall of Fame BlueGrass pickers.

So our writing always pulls a little bit from everything. 

This project has really helped us start to hone it in. 

In short…maybe if Alt  Country had a baby with Mellencamp?

Tell us about the new single “Caroline” released today? (and who is this Caroline?)

We both grew up in small towns in the Midwest.  We spend nights talking about the towns and the people in the towns.  Small towns are magical places that we weren’t able to appreciate when we were growing up.

Caroline is the girl that never left.  She was the one that was the cheerleading captain, prom queen…super popular and the town favorite.  All her friends started to grow up and move away and she couldn’t let go of her glory days and got rougher as time went on.

You see that person after many years and how tough their life was and you genuinely hope they turn out ok.   

What do you hope the listeners will take away from your music?

We want everyone to feel connected to our stories and to want to sing along.  We hope they walk away feeling better than before they listened.  

Some of our songs are upbeat, some are somber…but they are all stories from our experiences.

Overall, we just hope they love it!

Give us a look at the future of Megan & Shane?

We have a TON planned!  We just finished a Holiday EP that will come out in November and then we plan on releasing the rest of the songs from the Caroline sessions in December.

Then we are heading into Flying Blanket Recording studios in November to work with Bob Hoag to record another full length album that we are super excited about.  We are also trying to plan some socially distant outdoor concerts here in AZ. 

“Caroline” really gave us the momentum to really take off running with Megan & Shane and kickstart this next part of our musical path.

In this crazy time, we were able to pull light out of the darkness and we feel really lucky to be able to do that together and with our friends.

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