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mēk Brings Past To The Future With New Concept Album

In this current ‘quick hit and disappear’ music scene, singles have become king.  The idea of thought-provoking music that takes a few songs to fully understand has slipped by the wayside.  The great past of concept albums is sorely lacking.  Here to save the day and bring thinking mans music back is the band mēk.

The band based in Corona, California was formed by Tye Zamora, formerly of Alien Ant Farm.  Brothers Joe and Dan Hill were brought in to complete \’mēk\ (pronounced mēk).  Together they put together a Progressive Space Rock sound that flashes back to the alt-rock of the early 2000’s yet with a modern flair.  Think melodic music with sophisticated chord and tempo changes to keep your ear guessing. 

Prepare For Space Travel With mēk

In their songs, mēk aims to tell a complete story and take the listener on a journey both into space and deep into their own mind.  The brand new concept album Red Sprite Lightning tells the story of a man fleeing a dying  Earth for a new home planet in deep space. 

Let the visuals of the music video for “Here We Are” warp your mind as well.

The lead single “Here We Are” sets the stage for what will be an interesting experience.  The intriguing space guitar noise is contrasted with the strong vocal prowess of Tye Zamora right from the start.  The harmonizing chorus is an explosion of sound that every listener will want to sing along with.  As you dive into the lyrics, exotic images will fill your brain.  One of my favorite bands Incubus comes to mind.  

The amount of energy that fits into this under 4 minute song leaves the heart pumping and demanding more.  Keep a look out and come get your fill of mēk at

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