Michael Baker is Going Live

Nowadays it is difficult to escape a sound that features a singer-songwriter and their acoustic guitar, the world of music seems to be flooded with them. It can take time to wade through them all to find the real gems but when you do, it is worth it.

One person who stands tall amongst them all is Michael Baker. Here is someone who has that special something capable of creating and delivering music in a captivating manner. This is thanks to the emotional tone of his lyrics, sound, and gentle vocals. This can all be experienced while listening to his EPs, Keys to the Kingdom and Caroline, as well as on his debut album Dust & Bone.

As much as Baker’s songs sound great, you really need to hear them in person to truly appreciate his talent. If you are unable to see him perform then you are in luck as he has recently released his first live album called Live at Vol 1. This features a selection of his tracks and a cover of “Bloodflows,” originally by SOHN. Creating something like this has always been a dream of Baker’s ever since he heard similar albums from Van Morrison and Bob Dylan.

This album highlights all of the reasons why people need to be aware of the music that Michael Baker creates. One of them includes his reputation for crafting songs which have a genuine heartfelt emotion. It takes something special to transform honest feelings into words for the listener to understand. However, this songwriter is more than capable of expressing himself. When you listen to “Only Human” (featuring Common Tongues) you will experience this talent in full flow.

Michael Baker’s Music is Honest and Captivating

Even with the great lyrics, you need the right delivery to mirror its emotion. Luckily for Baker, he has this covered. Throughout this album, you can hear how his gentle tone is used to maximum effect. “Dust & Bone” and “Half My Love” are great examples of how effortless he is with his voice. It feels natural in the way it flows and as a result, it becomes captivating.

If one song from this album had to be chosen to showcase what Michael Baker has to offer, then it would have to be “Slowly”. As well as the calibre of lyrics and vocals that have already been highlighted, the depth in sound is stunning. The various layers which include strings, electronic elements, and backing vocals are a delight on the ears.

Overall, this is an album that has so much to offer and needs to be heard. To listen to it in full, head over to for links. From here you can also find information about upcoming shows. Alternatively, you can find this information at his socials on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Even though Baker has released Live at Vol 1, his music does not stop there. He is currently working on his follow up studio album called Salt. To help make this a reality he has decided to launch a project via PledgeMusic to help him fund the recording and production.

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