Mighty Mage Opens Up His ‘Ancient Scrolls II’

An artist must be willing to take the musical journey for as long as the road will carry them. The direction can never be determined ahead of time. The freedom to take it as it comes lets the talent and skills build until fate decides it is time for your music to reach the world. Our recent find Mighty Mage has taken the long road but it seems today he is right where he is supposed to be.

The now seasoned singer and songwriter grew up in La Jolla, California. Then going by his given name Khalid Hussain, Mighty Mage first found his passion for the stage at the age of fifteen starring in the musical Aladdin. This soon led to him learning guitar and by age twenty was writing songs. Over the years he has gained experience in Folk, Rock, Reggae genres, even branching out to electronic music and production. This has allowed him to develop his own unique style. 

At thirty-eight years old the Mighty Mage moniker was taken to release music blending all his styles into one complete package. Music is a calling for him much more than a job or hobby, After the release of his EP Art is Magic, and a best-of collection titled Ancient Scrolls, Mighty Mage has returned with a continuation called Ancient Scrolls II.

The 10-song album brings it all together to showcase songs in a variety of different genres, all within the Mighty Mage brand. Right from the opener “Oh My (Acoustic)” the delicate guitar and authentic lyrics open up our ears to enjoy a true songwriter. The album closes with an electric and effects drenched version of the same track taking it to a new level.

We get a deeper feel with “The Epic”. The soft opening soon gives way to an impassionately delivered vocal that turns up the energy as a darker tone sits in the background. This is an intricate track that deserves a few listens to take it all in. “Dragon – Fly” is another one that start off softly but soon gives way to a chaotic energy. This time the guitar playing leads the way creating the vibe. Mighty Mage provides enough energy for a full band in this solo project.

We get thrown for a sort of change-up with “Don’t Cry” with its Yacht Rock feel provided by the horns and happy go lucky sound. The catchy chorus will have you singing along before the song comes to a close.

Overall this is a great album to just sit back with and enjoy. Let Mighty Mage take you on the journey while you sit comfortably in the passenger seat. 

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