Mikey Ferrari Is Picking Up Speed With “moving slow”

Low, vibrating synth and a distorted voice immerse listeners into the other worldly soundscape of “moving slow.” On his first release, Mikey Ferrari serves vibrational, echoing vocals paired with lucidly layered sounds. It is a track that feels distinctly foreign, haunting, and futuristic. “moving slow” is an introspective track offering a listening experience that is both experimental and dynamic.

The track was released alongside a lyric video that features a blurred desert landscape and a character whose face is scribbled over. His movements are slowed and distinctly featured. It accentuates the track’s lyrical and conceptual ideas about centering oneself and persevering in life.

A producer and multi-instrumentalist, Mikey Ferrari is an emerging artist based in Los Angeles. “moving slow” is his first release from his debut project, SPACEBOY EP. It is an album that will contain emotionally driven tracks and will hopefully feel just as dynamic as “moving slow.”

Lyrically, the song is based on the idea of fostering self-confidence and falling in love with a chosen career path. It manages to tell a story that will resonate with any listener. The beginning of the track has lines like, “ever since I started I’ve been moving slow / ever since I started I’ve been losing hope.” Eventually moving into more uplifting moments. One particularly catching line is “counting all my blessing might just wake the pope.” Who doesn’t love this kind of fun, carefree energy?

“moving slow” reminds listeners that progress is, in fact, slow. It is also discouraging. Yet, this is the key to developing passion and confidence in what you do. For Mikey Ferrari, it seems apparent that he has found his confidence in this track. It is an impressive first release, one that will have listeners on the lookout for what Ferrari has coming next.

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