Millionz of Bar$ Shares “Her Favorite”

Fusing together aesthetics from both the past and the present isn’t always an easy task, but one would never be able to guess as much just by listening to the new single “Her Favorite” by Millionz of Bar$. “Her Favorite” has a very new school lyrical presence executed by Millionz of Bar$ himself, but while this element of the song verges on progressive territory more than once, it’s countered with a startlingly romantic old school element in a hook by Kent Jones that brings a lot of contrast into the mix – in the best way possible, mind you. 

The vocals that both of these players are putting up, whether rapped or sung, are quite lush and match up with the tonality of the instrumentation perfectly. I think that between the two of them, Jones cultivates a slightly stronger identity for his verses just on the strength of his melodicism – as far as Millionz of Bar$ is concerned, it’s his efficiency that really defines his role in this performance more than anything else. They’re both adding something to these lyrics, but it’s quite different and worth utilizing for juxtaposition (which is something producers wisely do from beginning to end here). 

Watch the video for “Her Favorite”

Millionz of Bar$’s music video for “Her Favorite” is rather simple and minimalistic when you compare it with the lot of content his peers have been shelling out on both sides of the industry recently, but this isn’t to say that it’s somehow lacking in substance. Personally, I believe that limiting the fluff we’re seeing in this piece is making it a little easier to appreciate the actual meat and potatoes of what this track is made of, as opposed to the cosmetics this artist wants to construct a brand around. He’s more straightforward than that, and I love the potential he still has moving forward. 

I hadn’t been listening to either of these guys ahead of hearing “Her Favorite” for the first time just this past December, but it’s pretty clear to me that theirs is a chemistry they shouldn’t leave unexploited for anything – especially given all of the competition we’re seeing in hip-hop and progressive R&B at the moment. Kent Jones brings out a funky side of Millionz of Bar$ that could appeal to a lot of listeners who might not even go for mainstream hip-hop on a consistent basis, and whether casual or hardcore, the fans who up his stream count will also bring him into the primetime spotlight for everyone to appreciate. 

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